I Got Lost From Matt Cutt’s blog

I asked, and you answered.

I thank you deeply.

Below is a (mildly edited) list of the things that people are expecting from this blog, or the reasons they ended up here.

  • I want to learn some black hat skills to make money online
  • Some tips and tricks from black seo field.
  • How you get links? How you keep links? How do you avoid the inevitable lawsuits?
  • If you could write about something IM/AM/SEO/SEM/…-related, that is _not_ totally retarded or targeted to absolute beginners I would be glad.
  • Entertainment.
  • I’d like to see you avoid the same rehashing of the news that 95% of the SEO sites out there do.
  • Give us some more random advanced seo toys!!!
  • I want to see a site called “blackhat seo diary” actually discuss blackhat seo. Possibly even in a diary fashion…Maybe in vague terms discuss things you are working on. Use the blog as a refresher for things you might have forgotten, ask for advice about things you don’t know.
  • More ideas for abusing g**gle for an intermediate black hat
  • I would like to see program ideas, coding, etc. how to identify a need for a tool, then the coding and development of it, updating it, etc. How to stay ahead.
  • I just want to get an idea of what fellow blackhatters are doing.
  • Post because you’ve got content, not to keep your rhythm up.
  • We’re here for a fuller understanding. Posts with new, creative, or at least thoughtful, approaches & techniques that are well-researched are key. Shorter rather than longer, too.
  • One word – inspiration.
  • To understand the mindset of a blackhatter. Maybe also learn how to live without a conscience.
  • I got lost from Matt Cutt’s blog.

I will do my best to give you what you asked for.

Contrary to popular belief, the main reason Black Hat SEOs don’t post too often is not because they want to keep the secrets for themselves, but because they are too busy making money. White Hat Blogs that talk about Black Hat SEO don’t make money. Neverheless, I guess it’s some kind of ego thing that keeps us blogging.

Oh, cheers for the laugh Mark.

Hey People, What Do You Want From Me?

This blog has 340 RSS subscribers, so I am asking all 340 of you. Plus those who visit the website instead of subscribing.

Why did you subscribe?

What do you want from this blog?

If you took the time to subscribe I’m sure you can spare one minute to reply to this thread and let me know what it is that you want to read about.

YACG Mass Installer Is Fucking Great

I will tell you why I think YACG Mass Installer Is Fucking Great

A little over a year ago it was really easy to crank up a few million pages generated by some publicly available page generator such as RSSGM, get indexed by the search engines and watch your Adsense income roll in.

I already explained why Adsense sucks.

RSSGM also sucks. Not because it was a bad tool to start with, but simply because it has been around for a long while, and its footprints are very well known already.

So here’s the deal. Many SEO analphabets (or as I call them, Black Hat Monkeys) spent enourmous amount of hours generating these pages and getting them indexed with simple techniques such as blog and ping. Many of them did very well for themselves while the trend lasted.

Some of them, the smart ones, adapted to the new times.

I already talked about YACG. I think YACG is a great little tool. Even if you are not a programmer you can find your way around it pretty fast, and within minutes of playing with it you can modify the hell out of it so you hide its footprints.

I have built YACG sites and got them indexed within days. But the best thing is that they last in the index.

The fact that I am using my own content source (very easy to hook to YACG) may have something to do with the fact that my sites are not getting banned.

If you think going this way is worth it, sign up on YACG forums. It’s full of code to use and ideas. Im sure if you have some PHP skills you’ll be conding your own content source in hours.

But don’t let that stop you if you are not a code or you can’t afford one. I know a guy who’s using nothing but regular YACG content sources and he’s at $100 + a day.

Here’s the problem though. Some YACG sites pull a lot of traffic, and some don’t. It depends on the keyword list you are using. On time, you want to use only traffic pulling lists. But nevertheless, each site pulls in a low amount of traffic, so you need to build many sites if you want to generate a significant income this way.

This is where YACG Mass Installer comes in. This is a tool created by the original YACG Developer, Busin3ss.

If it took you 3 to 5 minutes to install each site with YACG, using YACG Mass Installer you’ll be able to install 10 to 15 sites in that amount of time.

But, seriously, this is not even the best part of YACG Mass Installer. What I really like is the ability to generate templates and cover footprints. It allows you to do this really fast, and really well. This will make your sites live much longer in the index.

I hope you are seeing how powerful this tool is. I also hope that you notice that I am not placing any affiliate links in this post. So do you think I am recommending YACG Mass Installer for your benefit or mine?

So Gotan, does this mean that if I buy this tool and start generating YACG sites like crazy, I’ll make a lot of money?

As long as you sign up in their forums first so you get to know the tool inside and out, and you avoid leaving clumsy footprints, yes.

Of course you will also need some intelligent link building method, not like you can keep blogging and pinging like you used to ;)

So tell me. How do you feel about YACG? Are you making money using it?

Gossip Boys (Or SEO Attention Whores)

Go read this awesome post from your friendly neighbour Mad Hat

There seems to be more intelligent conversation on Perez Hilton sometimes. What’s the point of that response? It doesn’t add to the conversation in any way. Rand, why is it pure hypocrisy? Why is it attention baiting? It’s like grade school. You’re a sissy, na na na na. Blogs and communities are supposed exist to encourage intelligent conversation and not “fuck you eat shit and die”. Enough already.

Let’s Beat Up Dreamhost – AAAH!!! (read: William Wallace Battle Scream)

Doesn’t matter if as soon as possible (within the hour) there was a message in users’ control panels letting everyone know what happened. Doesn’t matter that they admitted their mistake, communicated promptly and solved the crisis timely. Nor the fact that they promised to refund incorrect charges made to members.

They got beaten up.

Shit happens. None of us are perfect. They said they were wrong, they said “Sorry” and they fixed it quickly. And people are still mad at them. For being a bit funny about it in the blog and in the newsletter. For thinking that it was possible to have some fun and laugh at themselves for a minute (it was actually a good post.)

Am I the only one that feels this way? Maybe some people should lighten up?

Paid Links Are Dead, Or Is It Google Who Is Dead?

There is one truth not even Matt Cutts will dare to challenge:

Buying links will help your indexing and your ranking.

Why does Google have a problem with it?

Well, let’s look at it from Google’s point of view.

  • They figured out a way to make money by providing relevant results in their search engine listings.
  • To achieve this they rely heavily on the link analysis component of their algorithm.
  • Their link analysis relies on the fact that webmasters link to other websites out of a genuine interest to direct their audience to the target website due to its quality content.
  • When webmasters link to other websites because of other reasons, Google results tend to decrease in quality and relevancy. Such reasons might be the following:
    • Paid links
    • Link exchanges
    • Authority Link Networks
    • In general terms, any other situation in which the objective of placing the link is not benefiting the audience with a quality link but rather benefiting the search engine positioning of the target website.
  • There is a clear gap between the premise of their algorithm (that webmasters link to other websites out of a genuine interest to direct their audience to the target website due to its quality content) and reality (that webmasters link to other websites for a myriad of reasons that are sometimes commercial and sometimes not)
  • Google has two ways to close this gap.
    • Change the algorithm
    • Change webmasters behavior
  • Changing the algorithm must be too damn hard because Google is attempting to change webmasters’ behavior.
  • They are doing so with methods like this one, or this one.

What does this mean to you, as a Black Hat SEO interested in making money online?

  • You will keep buying links because they will keep helping your indexing and your rankings.
  • You will do it under the radar, avoiding high profile websites with high PR to avoid human detection.

There is a new link broker in town. You can go ahead and grab your share of free paid link ads for a limited time.

Why am I recommending it? Simply because they provide a good way to purchase links under the radar: they allow publishers to sell links on every page of their websites, which means you can buy links on hundreds or thousands of deep pages in other websites.

Remember, with the new witch hunt on paid links only under the radar link buying will work. Under these circumstances TNX system allows you to operate slowly under the trenches and avoid unnecessary exposure.

They have some measures to prevent advertisers from placing links that contradict the content of the page where they are placed and they also forbid advertising of PPC (porn, pills and casino) sites, which is kind of a shame for people like us ;) but it means that the quality of the outbound links will be harder to trace as spam.

Usual anti footprints measures are recommended: avoid repetitive anchor text and excessive linking from single domains and you’ll be fine.

Go Sign Up Here if you are still with me.

Forget About Paid Links: Comment Spamming Kicks Butt

Comment Spamming

At the time of writing this post, this freelance website design blog enjoys the following rankings in Google:

  • #59 for the term “Website Design”
  • #6 for the term “Freelance Website Design”

in Yahoo:

  • #5 for the term “Freelance Website Design”

in Live:

  • #2 for the term “Freelance Website Design”

How did this site achieve these rankings? By comment spamming relevant blogs leaving interesting comments on relevant blogs.

That’s what he says. Is it true? I checked his backlinks and it seems to be true.

I thought Google didn’t follow nofollow links :) Maybe they are too busy policing paid links.

So what do you do now? Easy. Get this piece of software that finds relevant blogs to your topic with high PR, it will make life a lot easier for you. Then hire someone cheap to leave a few comments a day. Wait a couple of months and enjoy your new rankings.

White-Hat SEOs Are Worthless, Shady Criminals

White Hat SEO Scammers
Shari Thurow wrote a post accusing me (a Black Hat SEO) of being a worhtless shady criminal. Will I defend myself? Nope.

I will just link to a post that describes why I think White Hat SEO Consultants Are Worthless Shady Criminals Themselves.

10 Reasons Why 2.0 Headlines Are Full Of It

Linkbait Headlines
Today I feel like conquering the world.

So I guess I will go to my favorite social networks and browse around tags looking for quality posts that will provide me with that golden information I need.

After all, search engines are full of spam so I better look for my information on user powered content communities, right? That’s where you get the goodies. So, my objective today is to conquer the world, let’s see if I can find out how to achieve it.

Here I am skimming through the headlines:

  • Become Greater Than Alexander The Great In 6 Easy Steps
  • 12 Reasons Why You Should Start Building Up Your Army Right Now
  • Enslaving Prisoners: A How To Guide
  • 10 World Domination Tips That Actually Work
  • 29 Reasons You Need To Stop Invading Countries Right Now
  • 6 World Domination Laws I Do Follow
  • How I Increased My Country Invasion Success Ratio By 300%
  • Julius Caesar offers 5 Peaks Into The Secret Of Success
  • 13 Ways To Know You Are A Good World Conqueror
  • 4 Cool Features Your Missile System Has (And You Are Not Exploiting)

Right on. I didn’t think such an endeavor would turn up to be so easy. Now I guess I will vote for these stories, skim through some of the articles (well, maybe tomorrow) and bookmark them on my other bookmarking sites.

New Digg Spamming Technique: Shout = Spam

Digg Spam
Much has been said about the new Digg Interface. To me, it feels a lot more like a social network site and less like a bookmarking tool. They obviously tried to make it easier to interact with friends and to send messages, ahem, shouts, I mean SPAM messages to other users.Or is it just me that has been receiving tons of Shouts like the following:

Hi, what do you think of this?


The interesting bit is that this technique is actually working, and I have not seen so far the bury brigade taking care of this.