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Create Your Own Amy Winehouse

(Most) SEOs are leeches. We identify phrases with popularity and then push content to the top of the search engine listings for these phrases.

Some people build their own buzz and create search volume for phrases that didn’t have any before.

Knowing how to generate both visibility and popularity for relatively unknown phrases can take you from being an SEO leech to becoming a marketing genious.

If the clock went back one time and you were hired by an underground record label to promote Amy Winehouse online. What would you do?

10 Reasons Why 2.0 Headlines Are Full Of It

Linkbait Headlines
Today I feel like conquering the world.

So I guess I will go to my favorite social networks and browse around tags looking for quality posts that will provide me with that golden information I need.

After all, search engines are full of spam so I better look for my information on user powered content communities, right? That’s where you get the goodies. So, my objective today is to conquer the world, let’s see if I can find out how to achieve it.

Here I am skimming through the headlines:

  • Become Greater Than Alexander The Great In 6 Easy Steps
  • 12 Reasons Why You Should Start Building Up Your Army Right Now
  • Enslaving Prisoners: A How To Guide
  • 10 World Domination Tips That Actually Work
  • 29 Reasons You Need To Stop Invading Countries Right Now
  • 6 World Domination Laws I Do Follow
  • How I Increased My Country Invasion Success Ratio By 300%
  • Julius Caesar offers 5 Peaks Into The Secret Of Success
  • 13 Ways To Know You Are A Good World Conqueror
  • 4 Cool Features Your Missile System Has (And You Are Not Exploiting)

Right on. I didn’t think such an endeavor would turn up to be so easy. Now I guess I will vote for these stories, skim through some of the articles (well, maybe tomorrow) and bookmark them on my other bookmarking sites.

Black Hat SEO Diary Got Dugg (And Buried)

It’s a funny feeling seeing your own blog in the home page of such a popular voting site. It was pulled down pretty fast though. Here’s the evidence:

Black Hat SEO Diary Got Dugg

Do you think it was pulled down because:

  • The title contained the word “Fucked”
  • The site was loading really slow
  • This is a Black Hat SEO Blog and Diggers don’t like SEOs, and even less Black Hat SEOs.

P.S. Stop staring at my Firefox tabs trying to find out what I was looking at you voyeuristic perv. I left that part of the pic so you could see the url bar :-)