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Paid Links Are Dead, Or Is It Google Who Is Dead?

There is one truth not even Matt Cutts will dare to challenge:

Buying links will help your indexing and your ranking.

Why does Google have a problem with it?

Well, let’s look at it from Google’s point of view.

  • They figured out a way to make money by providing relevant results in their search engine listings.
  • To achieve this they rely heavily on the link analysis component of their algorithm.
  • Their link analysis relies on the fact that webmasters link to other websites out of a genuine interest to direct their audience to the target website due to its quality content.
  • When webmasters link to other websites because of other reasons, Google results tend to decrease in quality and relevancy. Such reasons might be the following:
    • Paid links
    • Link exchanges
    • Authority Link Networks
    • In general terms, any other situation in which the objective of placing the link is not benefiting the audience with a quality link but rather benefiting the search engine positioning of the target website.
  • There is a clear gap between the premise of their algorithm (that webmasters link to other websites out of a genuine interest to direct their audience to the target website due to its quality content) and reality (that webmasters link to other websites for a myriad of reasons that are sometimes commercial and sometimes not)
  • Google has two ways to close this gap.
    • Change the algorithm
    • Change webmasters behavior
  • Changing the algorithm must be too damn hard because Google is attempting to change webmasters’ behavior.
  • They are doing so with methods like this one, or this one.

What does this mean to you, as a Black Hat SEO interested in making money online?

  • You will keep buying links because they will keep helping your indexing and your rankings.
  • You will do it under the radar, avoiding high profile websites with high PR to avoid human detection.

There is a new link broker in town. You can go ahead and grab your share of free paid link ads for a limited time.

Why am I recommending it? Simply because they provide a good way to purchase links under the radar: they allow publishers to sell links on every page of their websites, which means you can buy links on hundreds or thousands of deep pages in other websites.

Remember, with the new witch hunt on paid links only under the radar link buying will work. Under these circumstances TNX system allows you to operate slowly under the trenches and avoid unnecessary exposure.

They have some measures to prevent advertisers from placing links that contradict the content of the page where they are placed and they also forbid advertising of PPC (porn, pills and casino) sites, which is kind of a shame for people like us ;) but it means that the quality of the outbound links will be harder to trace as spam.

Usual anti footprints measures are recommended: avoid repetitive anchor text and excessive linking from single domains and you’ll be fine.

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