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You Are Not Happy Because Adsense Sucks

You wanted to get out of the rat race, and in reality what happened is that you started a new rat race. Only this one can be scary as fucking hell, since you don’t have an employer to hate who will keep putting money in your bank every single month.

Adsense Sucks

You hated your life. You thought you were a better and smarter man than your boss, and you didn’t wanna be a useful jerk. You researched about making money online, you came across SEO, Internet Marketing and saw the opportunity of making money extremely fast using Black Hat Seo Techniques.

You forked out a few bucks here and there falling under ridiculous statements of kilometric sales pages (thanks for your legacy Corey Rudl), bought some domains, hosting, and went for it. After creating a gazillion pages of rubbish content with big ass Adsense blocks on them you started watching money rolling in. Yep, you thought, when I multiply this by 1000 I’ll be able to earn as much as I do know, only I’ll be happier, work from home, make my own hours, and all that shit that sounds so nice.

So there you went under the incredulous look of co-workers, friends and family who weren’t completely sure exactly what the hell you were talking about. Doesn’t matter you thought, they’ll see.

Cut to present time. So here you are now, few months down the road, making a decent living online. It all worked out, huh? Well actually not. Look at you. You are not happier than you were. True, you don’t have to put up with commuting, taking bullshit from bosses or clients or both, office politics, etc.

But have you seen yourself lately? I mean seriously, look at you, you are turning yourself into a fucking caveman. You are working more hours than you used to in your off line job, your wife gets pissed every time she calls you for dinner and you take 40 minutes to leave the computer. Sometimes you even spend the whole day in your fucking pajamas, which by the way they smell.

So I believe you’ll agree with me on the fact that something is not right with you. This is not what you quitted your job for. To make matters worse, your whole income will turn to dust if some nice employee in the Adsense team decides to ban your ass.

Whose fault is it? Adsense of course. Let’s imagine what would have happened if such an extremely easy way of turning traffic into money didn’t exist:

  1. From the beginning of your online money making ventures, you would have been forced to think about a niche and a series of products or services to sell to that niche.
  2. Since all your site/blog building efforts would have been geared towards this niche, you would have developed some topical authority.
  3. You would have been able to leverage this authority to improve your relationship with your audience.
  4. Being a newbie, you would have struggled with low conversions, which would have pushed your ass to go get some freaking education regarding traffic sources and quality, demographics, usability, conversions, landing page design, etc.
  5. With all this fresh knowledge you would have solved your low conversion headaches, your sales would have started to skyrocket your earnings and your ecpm would have been many times higher than whatever smartlousy Adsense algorithms decide to give you away for a bunch of clicks.
  6. Today, you’d be working less hours, analyzing stats, improving conversions, and planning how you are going to employ a guy or two to do all the legwork for the next niche you are planning to attack.
  7. You’d shave yourself, go to the gym, have spare money to buy shit you want, travel to paradise beaches and drink Piña Colada all day long.

So tomorrow after you finished installing your MFA scraper number one thousand, three hundred and twenty three, all those blogs that you’ll need to get it indexed, installing the autoposters, link spamming, submitting rss feeds and what not, stop for a moment and think:

I am overworked, more than half of my scrapers have been banned from the main search engines, I am earning more or less the same I used to make in my day job, all my income will go to zero the day Adsense decides to ban my account. I don’t get out much and last time I saw my reflection in the mirror I got scared. I am not happy because Adsense sucks.