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10 Reasons Why 2.0 Headlines Are Full Of It

Linkbait Headlines
Today I feel like conquering the world.

So I guess I will go to my favorite social networks and browse around tags looking for quality posts that will provide me with that golden information I need.

After all, search engines are full of spam so I better look for my information on user powered content communities, right? That’s where you get the goodies. So, my objective today is to conquer the world, let’s see if I can find out how to achieve it.

Here I am skimming through the headlines:

  • Become Greater Than Alexander The Great In 6 Easy Steps
  • 12 Reasons Why You Should Start Building Up Your Army Right Now
  • Enslaving Prisoners: A How To Guide
  • 10 World Domination Tips That Actually Work
  • 29 Reasons You Need To Stop Invading Countries Right Now
  • 6 World Domination Laws I Do Follow
  • How I Increased My Country Invasion Success Ratio By 300%
  • Julius Caesar offers 5 Peaks Into The Secret Of Success
  • 13 Ways To Know You Are A Good World Conqueror
  • 4 Cool Features Your Missile System Has (And You Are Not Exploiting)

Right on. I didn’t think such an endeavor would turn up to be so easy. Now I guess I will vote for these stories, skim through some of the articles (well, maybe tomorrow) and bookmark them on my other bookmarking sites.