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How To Get 250-400 Daily Uniques From A One Time $40 Spend

Jay from SpewMoney™ has written one of the best first blog posts I have seen around. Not a “Hello World” or a “This is why I start a blog” kind of post.

No no, he dives right into it and describes how he is getting 250-400 unique visits a day from a one time $40 spend. The secret? Getting Traffic From Facebook.

My site’s numbers went from 10 uniques to 150 uniques to 900 uniques. Now I’m getting 250-400 uniques a day. Thanks to Miss Thang.

Pretty good way to spend $40 bucks.

Nice post Jay, thanks for sharing. Two questions spring to mind though:

  • How are you monetizing?
  • How is the traffic converting?