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New Digg Spamming Technique: Shout = Spam

Digg Spam
Much has been said about the new Digg Interface. To me, it feels a lot more like a social network site and less like a bookmarking tool. They obviously tried to make it easier to interact with friends and to send messages, ahem, shouts, I mean SPAM messages to other users.Or is it just me that has been receiving tons of Shouts like the following:

Hi, what do you think of this?


The interesting bit is that this technique is actually working, and I have not seen so far the bury brigade taking care of this.

Black Hat SEO Diary Got Dugg (And Buried)

It’s a funny feeling seeing your own blog in the home page of such a popular voting site. It was pulled down pretty fast though. Here’s the evidence:

Black Hat SEO Diary Got Dugg

Do you think it was pulled down because:

  • The title contained the word “Fucked”
  • The site was loading really slow
  • This is a Black Hat SEO Blog and Diggers don’t like SEOs, and even less Black Hat SEOs.

P.S. Stop staring at my Firefox tabs trying to find out what I was looking at you voyeuristic perv. I left that part of the pic so you could see the url bar :-)