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Gossip Boys (Or SEO Attention Whores)

Go read this awesome post from your friendly neighbour Mad Hat

There seems to be more intelligent conversation on Perez Hilton sometimes. What’s the point of that response? It doesn’t add to the conversation in any way. Rand, why is it pure hypocrisy? Why is it attention baiting? It’s like grade school. You’re a sissy, na na na na. Blogs and communities are supposed exist to encourage intelligent conversation and not “fuck you eat shit and die”. Enough already.

Is Technorati Fucked Up?

Any given day, few things are more useful than when one needs to get a vibe of what the blogosphere is feeling like. If you start seeing some funny name that you never heard of before, then it’s probably some C class celebrity that made the headlines because of an (accidental?) leaked sex tape.

Lately, Latin Celebrities have been hitting the Technorati Charts for a few weeks in a row. , , and the new Babe in the Block: :

Wanda Nara

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. The topic of today, as the headline mildly suggests is the following: I think Technorati is Fucked Up. This is why:

Have a look at the , you can see aforementioned Wanda Nara and Noelia are the most searched terms at this very moment. See below:

Technorati Top Searches

Now, with this information being freely available to anyone, what topic do you think webmasters are going to blog about? (if they want to receive any traffic that is) Yes, you guessed right: Webmasters are likely to blog about Wanda Nara, Noelia and Youtube, for example. If they do, and they tag their pages correctly, they are going to have their websites listed in Technorati tag pages, .

So what do you expect to see when you visit the technorati tag page of any of these most searched for terms? (therefore likely most blogged about) That’s right, a lot of posts, and most likely pushing each other out from the tag page in matters of minutes!

But when you actually go and look at Technorati, what do you see? Let’s see:

Technorati - Wanda Nara

Shit, last post about Wanda Nara (most searched term in the Blogosphere according to Technorati) was 3 days ago. Amazing. Let’s keep looking:

Technorati - Noelia

Last post about Noelia (second most searched term in the Blogosphere according to Technorati) was 4 hours ago. Let’s look at one more:

Technorati - You Tube

Last post about YouTube (third most searched term in the Blogosphere according to Technorati) was 4 hours ago.

Yep… no blogger, in the whole world, blogged about YouTube in the last 4 hours and tagged his post correctly. Nor they did about Noelia, or Wanda Nara in the last three days, even if she is the most searched term in the blogosphere because of a lousy blowjob home made tape.

We could also give shit to Technorati for all the non relevant posts and porn spamming going around. But let’s do that another day.

UPDATE: It hasn’t been more than two hours since I published this post. I was checking back on Technorati, hoping to see some improvement taking place, and I came across this:

Technorati Fucked Up

So now Favorites and WTFs are not working anymore. Cool :)