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What Is Keeping You From Making Money

If you read my last post correctly you should start realizing by now that the technical skills that you need to make money online using seo techniques are more generic than specific.

You don’t need to be a copywriter

You don’t need to be a programmer

You don’t need to be a network whiz

You don’t need to be an interface/graphic designer

You don’t need to be a search algorithm expert

Even if you had all those skills yourself, you would need to organize your own time and make sure you deliver what you need to deliver in order for your project to come together. In this case your major expense would be time.

So if you don’t have ALL of those skills (like most of us) you will need support from someone else. So you will have two major expenses: time and money.

Welcome to the world of business: you can’t do everything by yourself, your job is to make sure you identify what needs to get done, and find the way to get it done.

“I can’t do it myself” and “I can’t afford to hire contractors” are two excuses that will take you nowhere.

So start by creating the list of tasks of everything that needs to get done for your current project to come alive. Then make sure you either allocate enough time for yourself to get it done, or that you have enough cash for contractors to fill the gaps.

If lack of investment equity is your problem, sounds like you need a business plan and an investor. Watch out for a future post on Black Hat SEO and Financial Skills.

Black Hat Skill 1 – Organization (Post 1 of 15)

Not having good organizational skills is incompatible with being a successful black hat SEO. I would argue that is even more important than knowing anything about search algorithms in the first place. In this post I will hopefully show you why.

The purpose of this series is to knock down some of the stereotypes around black hat SEO and the skills you need to develop to become a successful one.

Most people have the wrong impression about black hat search engine optimization. They think that if they can get access to a bunch of well kept secrets, they will suddenly get flooded with traffic and sales. Guess what, aint gonna happen.

Doesn’t matter how much you know about google’s algorithms, and how to manipulate them. You still have to take ideas into actions. The traffic and the sales will come after a lot of implementation, testing, tweaking and hard work.

That said, I believe Organization is one of the key skills that you need, yet often overlooked.

Black Hat Skill Number 1: Organization

Dealing with thousands of username/passwords and login details is not an easy task. You need a strategy to deal with such amount of information, as well as making sure you are not building a footprint that connects a big chunk of your web properties with each other.

As the managing director of your Black Hat SEO business, you need to think about the following challenges, and come up with a strategy to manage them successfully:

Where do you keep your domain registration information?

How do you make sure you don’t let domains expire accidentally?

How do you make sure your cashflow accounts for all those domain and hosting renewal bills?

How do you ensure you don’t link between sites in neighbour IP ranges?

Does your link building strategy mimic natural patterns?

Do you know what to do tomorrow? Next week? Do you have a list of tasks you need to work on?

How do you manage your contractors? How do you keep in touch with them? Do you brief them properly? Do you pay on time? Do you provide feedback when needed? They are a key part of your business, so you should have a strategy to manage them and improve the quality of their output on an ongoing basis.

Do you work on several projects at one time? How do you make sure you follow through on everything you start? Doing 85% of the job is usually not enough. You need to follow through and tick all the boxes to get the traffic and sales coming.

Once a project is rolled out, how do you maintain it? Do you have an ongoing conversion optimization strategy? Optimizing that landing page to improve conversions may bring you a lot more revenue than starting all over again on a new set of web properties.

How much are you spending? Do you keep a track? Do you have a planned budget? Can you tell apart your fixed costs from your variable costs? The fact that you have a high margin and you are making good money does not excuse you from being a louse administrator. We’ll get back to Financials on another post, since I believe it is a key skill for your business.

When you learn something, what do you do about it? Do you keep a repository of ideas and lessons learned? I can guarantee that you won’t remember everything you thought about or learn about 18 months from now. Take control of your knowledge and manage it properly, make it tangible and let it become an asset you will use to make more money.

Can you list everything you need to run your business? Do you know how much time/money each of those elements cost? Do they require ongoing management? If you can’t answer this, who can?

I think I could keep listing challenges that can only be managed through efficient organizational skills. Hopefully by now you are realizing that running a business based on black hat seo techniques is not about being a whiz kid and running some evil scrips and collecting the bill at the end of the month.

Where do you think you stand in all of this? Do you treat your business with enough organization?

Black Hat Skills to Make Money Online

What skills do you need to make money online using Black Hat SEO?

There may be overlap between some of the skills in the list below, but if you have all of these in your toolbox, you have the potential to become a successful Black Hat SEO:

Technical skills:

  • Planning
  • Organization
  • Finance
  • System modelling
  • Reverse engineering
  • Analytical
  • Logical
  • Creative

Life skills:

  • Self confidence
  • Skepticism
  • Curiosity
  • Ingenuity
  • Stubbornness
  • Generosity
  • Iron proof work ethics

I’ll follow up this post describing each of these skills and the role they play in your money making ventures.

Do you think I missed anything important?

Do You Want To Learn The Dark Side Of Affiliate Marketing?

If you do, you should spend a few years learning PHP, SEO, SEM, researching affiliate networks and how they work. Not easy, but the payoff makes it worth it.With a clear focus and a set mind I reckon you can be making the good dollars after 2 or 3 years.Or you can start today by joinin WPBlackhat.

What is WPBlackhat, or Wordpress Black Hat?

My friends Brad and Darkseo have been working together developing this kick ass tool. This is what Brad has to say about it in his blog:

The tools include the BH Plugin, CPA Redirector 2.0, semi-automated do-follow-blog commenter, parasite page generator, etc. Tons of downloads: incentive pages, squeeze pages, mini-review-site templates, etc.Private membership site: total support and no BS advice to help members achieve their revenue goals (hundreds of dollars a day or more) from the dark side of affiliate marketing.Our membership cap is around 200, once we reach that the doors will close.No sales page and no hype – join and you’ll see    

If you are serious about making money online you could seriously benefit from these tools and the guidance they provide in the forums. I’ll visit the forums every now and then so if I can help you with anything let me know.P.S. haven’t posted for a while, I’ll post again soon letting you know what I’m up to.

Paid Links Are Dead, Or Is It Google Who Is Dead?

There is one truth not even Matt Cutts will dare to challenge:

Buying links will help your indexing and your ranking.

Why does Google have a problem with it?

Well, let’s look at it from Google’s point of view.

  • They figured out a way to make money by providing relevant results in their search engine listings.
  • To achieve this they rely heavily on the link analysis component of their algorithm.
  • Their link analysis relies on the fact that webmasters link to other websites out of a genuine interest to direct their audience to the target website due to its quality content.
  • When webmasters link to other websites because of other reasons, Google results tend to decrease in quality and relevancy. Such reasons might be the following:
    • Paid links
    • Link exchanges
    • Authority Link Networks
    • In general terms, any other situation in which the objective of placing the link is not benefiting the audience with a quality link but rather benefiting the search engine positioning of the target website.
  • There is a clear gap between the premise of their algorithm (that webmasters link to other websites out of a genuine interest to direct their audience to the target website due to its quality content) and reality (that webmasters link to other websites for a myriad of reasons that are sometimes commercial and sometimes not)
  • Google has two ways to close this gap.
    • Change the algorithm
    • Change webmasters behavior
  • Changing the algorithm must be too damn hard because Google is attempting to change webmasters’ behavior.
  • They are doing so with methods like this one, or this one.

What does this mean to you, as a Black Hat SEO interested in making money online?

  • You will keep buying links because they will keep helping your indexing and your rankings.
  • You will do it under the radar, avoiding high profile websites with high PR to avoid human detection.

There is a new link broker in town. You can go ahead and grab your share of free paid link ads for a limited time.

Why am I recommending it? Simply because they provide a good way to purchase links under the radar: they allow publishers to sell links on every page of their websites, which means you can buy links on hundreds or thousands of deep pages in other websites.

Remember, with the new witch hunt on paid links only under the radar link buying will work. Under these circumstances TNX system allows you to operate slowly under the trenches and avoid unnecessary exposure.

They have some measures to prevent advertisers from placing links that contradict the content of the page where they are placed and they also forbid advertising of PPC (porn, pills and casino) sites, which is kind of a shame for people like us ;) but it means that the quality of the outbound links will be harder to trace as spam.

Usual anti footprints measures are recommended: avoid repetitive anchor text and excessive linking from single domains and you’ll be fine.

Go Sign Up Here if you are still with me.

Forget About Paid Links: Comment Spamming Kicks Butt

Comment Spamming

At the time of writing this post, this freelance website design blog enjoys the following rankings in Google:

  • #59 for the term “Website Design”
  • #6 for the term “Freelance Website Design”

in Yahoo:

  • #5 for the term “Freelance Website Design”

in Live:

  • #2 for the term “Freelance Website Design”

How did this site achieve these rankings? By comment spamming relevant blogs leaving interesting comments on relevant blogs.

That’s what he says. Is it true? I checked his backlinks and it seems to be true.

I thought Google didn’t follow nofollow links :) Maybe they are too busy policing paid links.

So what do you do now? Easy. Get this piece of software that finds relevant blogs to your topic with high PR, it will make life a lot easier for you. Then hire someone cheap to leave a few comments a day. Wait a couple of months and enjoy your new rankings.

White-Hat SEOs Are Worthless, Shady Criminals

White Hat SEO Scammers
Shari Thurow wrote a post accusing me (a Black Hat SEO) of being a worhtless shady criminal. Will I defend myself? Nope.

I will just link to a post that describes why I think White Hat SEO Consultants Are Worthless Shady Criminals Themselves.

Work With The Best Black Hat SEO

Ok, it’s non paid work. But you’ll have the chance to learn from Quadszilla who just happens to be one of the best Black Hat SEOs in business. You’ll have a tough job convincing him you’re the right guy or gal. But if you are a “sexy English major senior at an Ivy league University who has worked summers as a successful sales rep even though she’s a trust fund baby” I think you have an edge.

Index 100K Pages In Google Without Direct Link Spamming

Can you speak russian? If you do, go ahead and read this post about Quick Indexing.

If you don’t, then I’m right there with you. I don’t speak russian either. Fortunately a talented russian black hat SEO who speaks english told me what this post is about.

Fortunately for you, I’ll write a post about it.

Basically, this is the principle:

  • Create 100,000 pages using your page generator of choice. You can monetize these pages or use them as Doorways. Your choice.
  • Create a bunch of Sitemaps. I’m not talking about xhtml sitemaps, just plain html pages full of links to your spammy pages. Don’t apply common knowledge here: don’t think that Google will only follow 100 links in your sitemap. Just dump tens of thousands of links to your pages.
  • Sign Up in a bunch of trusted hosts and upload your sitemaps to them.
  • Spam the living hell out of your sitemaps with your favourite Link Spamming Tool.

If you are confused this image should clear it up for you:
Quick Indexing

What are you waiting for? Go grab a bunch of long tail lists you surely have somewhere in your hard drive, generate those pages, create sitemaps, upload them, spam them. How long can that take.

How Aristotle Can Help You Make More Money Online

Don’t worry I won’t go in detail about Aristotle’s philosophical legacy, even though it shaped western civilization for more than 2000 years after he died.

I’ll just say this. This dude realized that you could virtually classify anything in nature with the followig categories:

  • Substance: what something is. For example, you are a gal, or a lad, and your cat is a cat, and your lappy is a freaking lappy. Don’t make me write an essay about it. You got it.
  • Accidents: these are the modifications that substances undergo in real life. Ok maybe you are a gal or a lad, but you are also brunette, or blonde, thin, fat, tall, short, grumpy, smart; your lappy may be a cool ibook or a dirty old pc, lcd screen… well you get the idea. There are nine accidents to substance:
    • Quantity,
    • Quality,
    • Relation,
    • Action,
    • Passion,
    • Time,
    • Place,
    • Disposition (the arrangement of parts), and
    • Rainment (whether a thing is dressed or armed, etc.)

If you find this interesting you go ahead and read more about it.

I dare you to find more accidents to reality. You won’t find any :)

So can this help you? Ok let’s say you are setting up your generic articles on which you are going to inject keywords to make them keyword specific. What are you going to write about? Here’s what people will give you as an example in forums:

“I like KEYWORD very much. I would like to buy some KEYWORD product but I couldn’t find any good place to look around. Finlly I found this website [insert your affiliate link here]”

Those kind of sentences are well and good but they are not nearly enough to build millions of pages. You need to write a lot about something that could apply to ANYTHING you can think of.

If you are with me so far you know where this is going. Thanks much Aristotle Dude, bring on those nine accidents:

Accident 1: Quantity

How much of KEYWORD do we really need nowadays? My friends and I like big amounts of KEYWORD because we find it pleasant.

Accident 2: Quality

Which brings us to the next question. Does your KEYWORD really need to be top notch quality? I personally like imported KEYWORD because there quality is much better but some people don’t really feel the difference.


You didn’t expect me to go all the way with the nine accidents did you? Go on lazy ass and do your own homework.

When you go through this routine you’ll have better quality content available to cover every niche you would like to attack. This will bring spiders, indexing, rankings, and money to your pockets.  And you thought Greek Philosophy was useless did you.