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Do You Want To Learn The Dark Side Of Affiliate Marketing?

If you do, you should spend a few years learning PHP, SEO, SEM, researching affiliate networks and how they work. Not easy, but the payoff makes it worth it.With a clear focus and a set mind I reckon you can be making the good dollars after 2 or 3 years.Or you can start today by joinin WPBlackhat.

What is WPBlackhat, or Wordpress Black Hat?

My friends Brad and Darkseo have been working together developing this kick ass tool. This is what Brad has to say about it in his blog:

The tools include the BH Plugin, CPA Redirector 2.0, semi-automated do-follow-blog commenter, parasite page generator, etc. Tons of downloads: incentive pages, squeeze pages, mini-review-site templates, etc.Private membership site: total support and no BS advice to help members achieve their revenue goals (hundreds of dollars a day or more) from the dark side of affiliate marketing.Our membership cap is around 200, once we reach that the doors will close.No sales page and no hype – join and you’ll see    

If you are serious about making money online you could seriously benefit from these tools and the guidance they provide in the forums. I’ll visit the forums every now and then so if I can help you with anything let me know.P.S. haven’t posted for a while, I’ll post again soon letting you know what I’m up to.

YACG Mass Installer Is Fucking Great

I will tell you why I think YACG Mass Installer Is Fucking Great

A little over a year ago it was really easy to crank up a few million pages generated by some publicly available page generator such as RSSGM, get indexed by the search engines and watch your Adsense income roll in.

I already explained why Adsense sucks.

RSSGM also sucks. Not because it was a bad tool to start with, but simply because it has been around for a long while, and its footprints are very well known already.

So here’s the deal. Many SEO analphabets (or as I call them, Black Hat Monkeys) spent enourmous amount of hours generating these pages and getting them indexed with simple techniques such as blog and ping. Many of them did very well for themselves while the trend lasted.

Some of them, the smart ones, adapted to the new times.

I already talked about YACG. I think YACG is a great little tool. Even if you are not a programmer you can find your way around it pretty fast, and within minutes of playing with it you can modify the hell out of it so you hide its footprints.

I have built YACG sites and got them indexed within days. But the best thing is that they last in the index.

The fact that I am using my own content source (very easy to hook to YACG) may have something to do with the fact that my sites are not getting banned.

If you think going this way is worth it, sign up on YACG forums. It’s full of code to use and ideas. Im sure if you have some PHP skills you’ll be conding your own content source in hours.

But don’t let that stop you if you are not a code or you can’t afford one. I know a guy who’s using nothing but regular YACG content sources and he’s at $100 + a day.

Here’s the problem though. Some YACG sites pull a lot of traffic, and some don’t. It depends on the keyword list you are using. On time, you want to use only traffic pulling lists. But nevertheless, each site pulls in a low amount of traffic, so you need to build many sites if you want to generate a significant income this way.

This is where YACG Mass Installer comes in. This is a tool created by the original YACG Developer, Busin3ss.

If it took you 3 to 5 minutes to install each site with YACG, using YACG Mass Installer you’ll be able to install 10 to 15 sites in that amount of time.

But, seriously, this is not even the best part of YACG Mass Installer. What I really like is the ability to generate templates and cover footprints. It allows you to do this really fast, and really well. This will make your sites live much longer in the index.

I hope you are seeing how powerful this tool is. I also hope that you notice that I am not placing any affiliate links in this post. So do you think I am recommending YACG Mass Installer for your benefit or mine?

So Gotan, does this mean that if I buy this tool and start generating YACG sites like crazy, I’ll make a lot of money?

As long as you sign up in their forums first so you get to know the tool inside and out, and you avoid leaving clumsy footprints, yes.

Of course you will also need some intelligent link building method, not like you can keep blogging and pinging like you used to ;)

So tell me. How do you feel about YACG? Are you making money using it?

Forget About Paid Links: Comment Spamming Kicks Butt

Comment Spamming

At the time of writing this post, this freelance website design blog enjoys the following rankings in Google:

  • #59 for the term “Website Design”
  • #6 for the term “Freelance Website Design”

in Yahoo:

  • #5 for the term “Freelance Website Design”

in Live:

  • #2 for the term “Freelance Website Design”

How did this site achieve these rankings? By comment spamming relevant blogs leaving interesting comments on relevant blogs.

That’s what he says. Is it true? I checked his backlinks and it seems to be true.

I thought Google didn’t follow nofollow links :) Maybe they are too busy policing paid links.

So what do you do now? Easy. Get this piece of software that finds relevant blogs to your topic with high PR, it will make life a lot easier for you. Then hire someone cheap to leave a few comments a day. Wait a couple of months and enjoy your new rankings.

Chatting With Alex

So I’m chatting with Alex, the guy I talked about here, about his synonymizer tool:

[12:36] alexf: Even better, if settings for the rewrite of each article could be randomly variated (between certain ranges) to avoid having all the articles rewritten with the same parameters.
[12:36] alexf: but why you need this? :)
[12:37] alexf: if you set good settings any text will be rewritten different
[12:37] Q2hl: i dont know, im a fan of random
[12:37] alexf: even if you trying to rewrite same article twice – second copy will be different form first
[12:38] Q2hl: yes but dont you think rewriting all articles with same amount of nouns, adje, etc. will end up sharing some common pattern
[12:38] alexf: no
[12:38] Q2hl: in the sentence structure
[12:39] alexf: no, not at all
[12:39] alexf: first of all it depends on the source of the articles, if they are from different sources, synonymizer can’t make them look more like each other :)
[12:40] alexf: second – percentage of “mutation” only affects the quality of mutation
[12:41] alexf: the less percent – the better quality, article looks more like original, no silly mistakes
[12:42] alexf: but to make article look different from source, you need to put high % of mutation
[12:45] Q2hl: so for example
[12:46] Q2hl: if you had settings x y and z settings all the articles would have some degree of difference with original articles
[12:47] Q2hl: if youhad settings x-3 y+5 and z-6 the degree of difference with the original article would be different
[12:48] Q2hl: meaning if your settings vary from article to article, your articles would have some variation in respects to legibility
[12:49] alexf: this is not necessary to make article look different
[12:49] alexf: even with same x y z it still will look very different
[12:50] alexf: because synonyms itself will be different each time
[12:51] Q2hl: I can’t help thinking that randomizing these settings would add another layer of differentiation, but Im just stubborn :)
[12:51] Q2hl: do you mind if I post this conversation in the blog?
[12:52] alexf: sure, no problem

Why do I post this conversation? Not because I am trying to make Alex include a feature that he considers unnecessary. Truth be said, I trust his judgement more than mine.

I just thought the discussion was bringing up interesting points. This is what he says;

The quick brown fox skillfully jumps over the lazy dog

  • nouns: fox, dog
  • verbs: jumps
  • adverbs: skillfully
  • adjectives: quick, brown, lazy

Now let’s change 100% on each variable:

Output 1: The fast red wolf rapidly dances over the sleepy can

Now let’s change 100% on each variable except for the adjectives where we’ll change 33%:

Output 2: The speedy brown four legged animal rightly runs over the lazy pet

Now here’s the question we were talking about. Output 1 is 100% different from the original sentence but in Output 2 we have except for:

  • brown
  • lazy


  • Output 1 is more unique and less readable.
  • Output 2 is more readable and less unique.

Deciding the amount of readability vs. uniqueness that you are going to give to your content is one of the basic decisions you need to make when planning your Black Hat Strategies.

At a first glance I thought being able to randomize this decision upon the rewriting of individual articles was a good idea. Now I can see Alex’s point and agree that is not necessary. I can’t really see a benefit to having one batch of sites with some pages filled with less readable and more unique content, and some pages with the opposite equation.

I just thought the whole thing was worth a post because it makes us think about this very basic element of content rewriting. So the million dollar question is:

Do you want unique, non readable content? Or do you want more less unique, less readable content?

I think that debate deserves a whole new post, or maybe even series of related posts.

Free Synonymizer Tool

Alex offers a free synonymizer. Don’t get intimidated by the russian characters, when you sign up you have the option to switch to english.

Alex is one very smart gentleman who also wears a black hat and offers a range of Black Hat SEO Tools specifically designed to generate doorway websites using computer generatd content that will pass dupe filters.

His synonymizer has some features I haven’t seen before: you can define the percentage of nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives that you want to replace. You can also define the minimum amount of characters words you want to have replaced. It’s not meant for manually rewriting, but for quick and dirty automatic rewriting it works very well.

I tried it and it’s spitting out results that look about 90% different from each other on each spin.

Feature suggestions:

  • It would be nice to be able to import a bunch of articles and have them all automatically rewritten.
  • Even better, if settings for the rewrite of each article could be randomly variated (between certain ranges) to avoid having all the articles rewritten with the same parameters.

Well done again buddy :)