I Got Lost From Matt Cutt’s blog

I asked, and you answered.

I thank you deeply.

Below is a (mildly edited) list of the things that people are expecting from this blog, or the reasons they ended up here.

  • I want to learn some black hat skills to make money online
  • Some tips and tricks from black seo field.
  • How you get links? How you keep links? How do you avoid the inevitable lawsuits?
  • If you could write about something IM/AM/SEO/SEM/…-related, that is _not_ totally retarded or targeted to absolute beginners I would be glad.
  • Entertainment.
  • I’d like to see you avoid the same rehashing of the news that 95% of the SEO sites out there do.
  • Give us some more random advanced seo toys!!!
  • I want to see a site called “blackhat seo diary” actually discuss blackhat seo. Possibly even in a diary fashion…Maybe in vague terms discuss things you are working on. Use the blog as a refresher for things you might have forgotten, ask for advice about things you don’t know.
  • More ideas for abusing g**gle for an intermediate black hat
  • I would like to see program ideas, coding, etc. how to identify a need for a tool, then the coding and development of it, updating it, etc. How to stay ahead.
  • I just want to get an idea of what fellow blackhatters are doing.
  • Post because you’ve got content, not to keep your rhythm up.
  • We’re here for a fuller understanding. Posts with new, creative, or at least thoughtful, approaches & techniques that are well-researched are key. Shorter rather than longer, too.
  • One word – inspiration.
  • To understand the mindset of a blackhatter. Maybe also learn how to live without a conscience.
  • I got lost from Matt Cutt’s blog.

I will do my best to give you what you asked for.

Contrary to popular belief, the main reason Black Hat SEOs don’t post too often is not because they want to keep the secrets for themselves, but because they are too busy making money. White Hat Blogs that talk about Black Hat SEO don’t make money. Neverheless, I guess it’s some kind of ego thing that keeps us blogging.

Oh, cheers for the laugh Mark.

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#1 Smurf on 02.28.08 at 8:25 am

I’m just here for the free booze.

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