Work With The Best Black Hat SEO

Ok, it’s non paid work. But you’ll have the chance to learn from Quadszilla who just happens to be one of the best Black Hat SEOs in business. You’ll have a tough job convincing him you’re the right guy or gal. But if you are a “sexy English major senior at an Ivy league University who has worked summers as a successful sales rep even though she’s a trust fund baby” I think you have an edge.

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#1 Get More Traffic on 09.03.07 at 2:41 pm

Didn’t you just explain that adsense sucks for Black Hatters??

#2 Gotan Raider on 09.03.07 at 4:31 pm

Yes, but Black Hatters don’t have to work with Adsense necessarily. There’s still a ton of money to be made with Black Hat SEO methods.

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