What Is Keeping You From Making Money

If you read my last post correctly you should start realizing by now that the technical skills that you need to make money online using seo techniques are more generic than specific.

You don’t need to be a copywriter

You don’t need to be a programmer

You don’t need to be a network whiz

You don’t need to be an interface/graphic designer

You don’t need to be a search algorithm expert

Even if you had all those skills yourself, you would need to organize your own time and make sure you deliver what you need to deliver in order for your project to come together. In this case your major expense would be time.

So if you don’t have ALL of those skills (like most of us) you will need support from someone else. So you will have two major expenses: time and money.

Welcome to the world of business: you can’t do everything by yourself, your job is to make sure you identify what needs to get done, and find the way to get it done.

“I can’t do it myself” and “I can’t afford to hire contractors” are two excuses that will take you nowhere.

So start by creating the list of tasks of everything that needs to get done for your current project to come alive. Then make sure you either allocate enough time for yourself to get it done, or that you have enough cash for contractors to fill the gaps.

If lack of investment equity is your problem, sounds like you need a business plan and an investor. Watch out for a future post on Black Hat SEO and Financial Skills.

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