Still Busy In The Workshop – Final Countdown For Blast Off

It took longer than I wanted. But it is totally worth it to take your time and create your own version of a publicly available script. I now have my own content sources and I’m pulling them to YACG pages through a hook that a kick ass programmer I know put together. It only took him a couple of hours, but it is going to make a huge difference setting my sites apart from the rest of the YACG bunch. (BTW dude get a blog up so I can link to you ;-) )

If you want something similar done to your version of YACG, RSSGM or MyGen, or any generator you are using, drop a comment or get in touch with me. I can hook you up with him and you might be able to convince him to code something for you.

Anyways, I’m almost set for action. I just have to look at what domains and hosting I have available and go build some shit.

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#1 Launch on 06.26.07 at 8:30 am

I would really appreciate your programming contact. I’m looking for a very similar project to be completed asap.

You are dead on re: footprints. The biggest hurdle for me is understanding what is and what isnt a footprint.

Thanks for your posts!

#2 Al on 08.02.07 at 4:10 pm

Please send me the name of your guy. The accepted path of building sites constantly cause they’re going to get banned doesn’t appeal to me at all. Hey, I still have a Traffic Equalizer site bringing in a few cents with my own template.

#3 taky on 08.25.07 at 10:55 am

Get in touch with me if you dont mind, I’ve been using my own modded mygen with live results for content and I’d like something that would slow the banning process :)

You can contact me at the email provided or


Thanks a ton and I enjoy reading your blog :)

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