How Aristotle Can Help You Make More Money Online

Don’t worry I won’t go in detail about Aristotle’s philosophical legacy, even though it shaped western civilization for more than 2000 years after he died.

I’ll just say this. This dude realized that you could virtually classify anything in nature with the followig categories:

  • Substance: what something is. For example, you are a gal, or a lad, and your cat is a cat, and your lappy is a freaking lappy. Don’t make me write an essay about it. You got it.
  • Accidents: these are the modifications that substances undergo in real life. Ok maybe you are a gal or a lad, but you are also brunette, or blonde, thin, fat, tall, short, grumpy, smart; your lappy may be a cool ibook or a dirty old pc, lcd screen… well you get the idea. There are nine accidents to substance:
    • Quantity,
    • Quality,
    • Relation,
    • Action,
    • Passion,
    • Time,
    • Place,
    • Disposition (the arrangement of parts), and
    • Rainment (whether a thing is dressed or armed, etc.)

If you find this interesting you go ahead and read more about it.

I dare you to find more accidents to reality. You won’t find any :)

So can this help you? Ok let’s say you are setting up your generic articles on which you are going to inject keywords to make them keyword specific. What are you going to write about? Here’s what people will give you as an example in forums:

“I like KEYWORD very much. I would like to buy some KEYWORD product but I couldn’t find any good place to look around. Finlly I found this website [insert your affiliate link here]”

Those kind of sentences are well and good but they are not nearly enough to build millions of pages. You need to write a lot about something that could apply to ANYTHING you can think of.

If you are with me so far you know where this is going. Thanks much Aristotle Dude, bring on those nine accidents:

Accident 1: Quantity

How much of KEYWORD do we really need nowadays? My friends and I like big amounts of KEYWORD because we find it pleasant.

Accident 2: Quality

Which brings us to the next question. Does your KEYWORD really need to be top notch quality? I personally like imported KEYWORD because there quality is much better but some people don’t really feel the difference.


You didn’t expect me to go all the way with the nine accidents did you? Go on lazy ass and do your own homework.

When you go through this routine you’ll have better quality content available to cover every niche you would like to attack. This will bring spiders, indexing, rankings, and money to your pockets.  And you thought Greek Philosophy was useless did you.

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#2 admin on 07.30.07 at 11:26 am

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#3 Joe on 08.13.07 at 6:50 pm

The way you are breaking the words/ sentences up like aristotle did is genius, love it.

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