Google: Do As I Say Not As I Do

Straight from Treadwatch, noticed by one of the most insightful SEO guys in the industry:

Wow Google what a great algo you’ve got and what a really terrific user experience you’re providing when you occupy 9 out of the top 10 results for a query with your own sites.


It’s funny how the Big G says one thing and does the opposite.

I tend to agree with Graywolf when he claims, in the thread discussion, the following:

[...] but it’s the tip of the iceberg used to make a point. Google engineers do site review clinics at conferences and scold people who have lot’s of domains with very similar if not identical content. However in practice they do exactly they tell everyone else not to do. They publish guidelines about how not providing original content creates a bad user experience, but again do exactly what they tell everyone else not to do. They keep preaching it’s all about the user experience and providing great results yet for a search term that they describe as “volcanic” in volume they provide almost no value.

Have you ever seen what happens in the serps when you create a piece of linkbait on a fresh domain? All those pages from Netscape, Digg, Delicious and Reddit are likely to rank higher than your own domain. Even though they are using duplicate content.

Congratulations assholes, you managed to consolidate an algorithm that disfavours the small guys who play fair. And then you whine if the amount of Black Hat SEOs is on the rise.

Doorways anyone?

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