From $0 to $100 a Day Using a Free Open Source Script


To go from $0 to $100 a day using a free open source script to generate automated sites.


  • YACG (Yet Another Content Generator) – this is the free open source script I was referring to
  • Blog and Ping
  • Link Spam
  • Web 2.0 Sites


  • Content: Spun content mixed with some of YACG content modules. Spun content will be the main focus though.
  • Page Generator: as mentioned, YACG
  • Templates: Original templates for each site I build


Contextual Advertising, CPA, and Lead Generation. I hear you screaming: What?? What are you talking about? Just toss up big adsense blocks in there! Yes that would be a fastrack to getting your adsense account banned. And I have nothing against people trying to get their adsense account banned by I rather future proof my revenue streams. We’ll talk about this later on, don’t worry.


I don’t know yet how many sites, indexed pages and visits per day I need to get to $10 a day. I could speculate and talk a lot of bullshit. But I rather wait and tell you how it goes. There are no pure maths here. I could make $100 a day with one site alone, with 100 or with 1,000.

Let’s just speculate the following:

  • Adsense: If each site receives 100 targeted visits each day and has a CTR of 10%, that’s 10 clicks that will equate to something close to $1 a day. Then you need to have 100 sites with the same characteristics.
  • CPA: There’s more money to be made in CPA, but you need to know about your market, to offer your visitors the right kind of product that they want to sign up for. Some CPA offers convert at 1% and some convert at 30%. Know your audience and you’ll be fine. So how many visitors we need to make $100 a day with CPA affiliate offers? Well let’s assume a CTR in my pages for this specific banner or text link is 10%. This means I need to receive 1,000 visitors in my pages to send 100 potential conversions to the affiliate landing page. Now let’s assume a conversion of 5%. So 5 visitors will ultimately convert and turn into completed sales. Now assuming each sale leaves me a net of $10, I made $50 out of those 1,000 visitors. That is 400% more than I would have made with adsense. Given these CTRs and conversions i would need 60 of these sites to make $100 a day.
  • Lead Generation: Now let’s assume instead of trying to get the visitor to click on an adsense ad or an affiliate banner, I want to get them to give me their email address so I can build a list. Then I’ll be able to email them with CPA offers that they agreed to receive. I will also be able to email them links to articles displaying adsense ads and affiliate links. the beauty of this last method is that I stop depending 100% on search engine traffic because I now have another way of reaching my audience.

With all this in mind, what I plan to do is to build a mixed combination of all these types of sites until I get to the point where I am making $10 a day from these sites alone. At that point, do some maths, re-evaluate, rinse and repeat*10.

In my next post I’ll talk about avoiding going one step forward and two steps backwards. In other words: how NOT to get your ass banned from the Big-G.

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#2 mexican_hats on 07.10.07 at 10:27 am

You say go ahead and link spam, but I just don’t get exactly how to go about this. Manually crawling the web and posting backlinks is a pain in the ass, and people will most likely flag it as spam quickly unless you’re extremely clever about things. Any suggestions to building a lot of backlinks to a homebrew content generator that incorporates hooks from all of the aforementioned generators. On my own site i can do a feedwordpress thing that links to all sitemaps of generated sites, but how would i build 3rd party links that aren’t blatent spam? Obvious spambots flood the shit out of my wordpress blogs until i install some sort of captcha thing. I’ve got the big plan sketched out on loose-leaf paper, I just wanted to get everything properly mapped out before executing said plan. Any words of widsom are much appreciated.

#3 admin on 08.01.07 at 6:14 am

Ok I mentioned Link Spam but it’s not as easy turning a bot on and link spamming the hell out of your lists.

Link Spamming is an art and a science on its own right. I will write an entry on this topic alone.

#4 Chris on 08.07.07 at 11:19 am

would really love an article on the link spamming too…..

but i’m more interested in the best way to spin content with say yacg

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