Free Synonymizer Tool

Alex offers a free synonymizer. Don’t get intimidated by the russian characters, when you sign up you have the option to switch to english.

Alex is one very smart gentleman who also wears a black hat and offers a range of Black Hat SEO Tools specifically designed to generate doorway websites using computer generatd content that will pass dupe filters.

His synonymizer has some features I haven’t seen before: you can define the percentage of nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives that you want to replace. You can also define the minimum amount of characters words you want to have replaced. It’s not meant for manually rewriting, but for quick and dirty automatic rewriting it works very well.

I tried it and it’s spitting out results that look about 90% different from each other on each spin.

Feature suggestions:

  • It would be nice to be able to import a bunch of articles and have them all automatically rewritten.
  • Even better, if settings for the rewrite of each article could be randomly variated (between certain ranges) to avoid having all the articles rewritten with the same parameters.

Well done again buddy :)

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