Do You Belong To The Black Hat Monkeys Community?

The Black Hat Monkeys Community

Here’s the short version of the post below: remove your fucking footprints.

Glad we got that out of the way :) Now for those with nothing better to do. Keep reading:

So you get off your wheels and you grab a copy of YACG (after signing up for their private forum.) You look so cool. You grab a list of a few hundred keyword phrases and you ‘re done. Sit back, plug your link spammer of choice and watch money rolling in.


Actually, wrong. But thank you for playing. You are now part of the Black Hat Monkeys Community.

You need to remove footprints.

Ah yes, I hear your smart brains going, I need to create my own template. So off you go, you get off your wheels again, still looking cool. Create your own template, plug it into RSSGM, MyGen or YACG, chuck a list of a few hundred keywords, etc., etc.

Now you DO sit back and watch the money roll in.


For crying out loud: are you freaking insane? How can you expect your site to last more than 24 hours in Google when you are using non markoved wiki scraped content, just like the other 99% of members of the Black Hat Monkeys Community. Go read a book, get drunk, run a marathon or two, and see if you come up with any ideas. Learn all about RSS, Content Translation, Synonym Replacement, Markov Filters, Syntax Rules and other Language Mutation Techniques.

Think for yourself. Read this post. Think about it. Now read this one. Now you go and read this blog for 6 months and then come back. You may be a couple of steps closer to becoming a successful Black Hat SEO.

If you are not a coder, it’s OK to LOPC (leverage other people’s code.) It is NOT OK however to do the same as everyone else, unless you don’t a problem on getting your sites banned for leaving evident footprints.

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#3 Dave on 11.05.09 at 2:09 pm

Came across your site while writing a post to my blog, under the influence of alchohol. Yep, drunk in charge of a blog and keyboard – Guilty!
Anyway, found your writing style quite poignant in an amusing way.
Sign me up to the hex #6B6B6B side :)

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