Busy in the Workshop, Building Templates

As we mentioned, creating your own templates is a must when it comes to generating Black Hat Sites. It is a basic step to remove footprints that could otherwise get you banned from the engines.

Today is saturday, and I don’t really like to work saturdays. But I think I’ll manage to make myself some time to create a basic template and start cranking sites.

Soon I’ll talk about how to¬† save yourself some time and create a gazillion templates automatically. This will improve drastically your automation which is one of the key components of any Black Hat Business Plan.

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#1 Arnold on 11.01.07 at 7:38 pm

Can you point me to tutorial on how to use “YACG”.

Changing the subject. Do SE detect your website layout? Is this why you must change the template?

#2 Gotan Raider on 11.06.07 at 10:18 am

Arnold, I will make a post soon where I’ll ask my readers to let me know what they want me to write about. Make sure you remind me then.

SES are pretty good at detecting footprints, thus we need to eliminate them, and changing templates is one of the things we need to do.

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