Black Hat Skill 1 – Organization (Post 1 of 15)

Not having good organizational skills is incompatible with being a successful black hat SEO. I would argue that is even more important than knowing anything about search algorithms in the first place. In this post I will hopefully show you why.

The purpose of this series is to knock down some of the stereotypes around black hat SEO and the skills you need to develop to become a successful one.

Most people have the wrong impression about black hat search engine optimization. They think that if they can get access to a bunch of well kept secrets, they will suddenly get flooded with traffic and sales. Guess what, aint gonna happen.

Doesn’t matter how much you know about google’s algorithms, and how to manipulate them. You still have to take ideas into actions. The traffic and the sales will come after a lot of implementation, testing, tweaking and hard work.

That said, I believe Organization is one of the key skills that you need, yet often overlooked.

Black Hat Skill Number 1: Organization

Dealing with thousands of username/passwords and login details is not an easy task. You need a strategy to deal with such amount of information, as well as making sure you are not building a footprint that connects a big chunk of your web properties with each other.

As the managing director of your Black Hat SEO business, you need to think about the following challenges, and come up with a strategy to manage them successfully:

Where do you keep your domain registration information?

How do you make sure you don’t let domains expire accidentally?

How do you make sure your cashflow accounts for all those domain and hosting renewal bills?

How do you ensure you don’t link between sites in neighbour IP ranges?

Does your link building strategy mimic natural patterns?

Do you know what to do tomorrow? Next week? Do you have a list of tasks you need to work on?

How do you manage your contractors? How do you keep in touch with them? Do you brief them properly? Do you pay on time? Do you provide feedback when needed? They are a key part of your business, so you should have a strategy to manage them and improve the quality of their output on an ongoing basis.

Do you work on several projects at one time? How do you make sure you follow through on everything you start? Doing 85% of the job is usually not enough. You need to follow through and tick all the boxes to get the traffic and sales coming.

Once a project is rolled out, how do you maintain it? Do you have an ongoing conversion optimization strategy? Optimizing that landing page to improve conversions may bring you a lot more revenue than starting all over again on a new set of web properties.

How much are you spending? Do you keep a track? Do you have a planned budget? Can you tell apart your fixed costs from your variable costs? The fact that you have a high margin and you are making good money does not excuse you from being a louse administrator. We’ll get back to Financials on another post, since I believe it is a key skill for your business.

When you learn something, what do you do about it? Do you keep a repository of ideas and lessons learned? I can guarantee that you won’t remember everything you thought about or learn about 18 months from now. Take control of your knowledge and manage it properly, make it tangible and let it become an asset you will use to make more money.

Can you list everything you need to run your business? Do you know how much time/money each of those elements cost? Do they require ongoing management? If you can’t answer this, who can?

I think I could keep listing challenges that can only be managed through efficient organizational skills. Hopefully by now you are realizing that running a business based on black hat seo techniques is not about being a whiz kid and running some evil scrips and collecting the bill at the end of the month.

Where do you think you stand in all of this? Do you treat your business with enough organization?

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