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Do You Want To Learn The Dark Side Of Affiliate Marketing?

If you do, you should spend a few years learning PHP, SEO, SEM, researching affiliate networks and how they work. Not easy, but the payoff makes it worth it.With a clear focus and a set mind I reckon you can be making the good dollars after 2 or 3 years.Or you can start today by joinin WPBlackhat.

What is WPBlackhat, or Wordpress Black Hat?

My friends Brad and Darkseo have been working together developing this kick ass tool. This is what Brad has to say about it in his blog:

The tools include the BH Plugin, CPA Redirector 2.0, semi-automated do-follow-blog commenter, parasite page generator, etc. Tons of downloads: incentive pages, squeeze pages, mini-review-site templates, etc.Private membership site: total support and no BS advice to help members achieve their revenue goals (hundreds of dollars a day or more) from the dark side of affiliate marketing.Our membership cap is around 200, once we reach that the doors will close.No sales page and no hype – join and you’ll see    

If you are serious about making money online you could seriously benefit from these tools and the guidance they provide in the forums. I’ll visit the forums every now and then so if I can help you with anything let me know.P.S. haven’t posted for a while, I’ll post again soon letting you know what I’m up to.