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Link Building In A Breeze

My friend Darkseo partnered with Busin3ss. Only good things can come of this union.

These two gentlemen came up with Blog Farm Explosion.

Now, I quitted developing blog farms ever since social bookmarking and tagging came along. Especially since Google got pretty good at unveiling link schemes that lived in same IP ranges. I just didn’t feel like buying one of those SEO Host packages with multiple C Blocks, and installing all those blogs and covering all the footprints. It seemed like work :)

This is different though. Blog Farm Explosion is about getting content embedded links from thousands of domains and IPs, C Blocks with almost no effort involved.

The tool posts content to WPMU enabled websites, creating a wordpress blog, posting content and links. The features are great and they keep improving it with user feedback.

If you need a fast, easy and automated way to build links to your domains this could be a winner for you. I am not placing any ref links or anything here, and the only thing I’m getting out of this post is the priviledge of recommending a good product that I know can improve the ranking capability of any of your pages. Will it make money for you? If you know a thing or two about SEO and Monetization, yes, for sure.

Thanks Brad for pointing out the limited time discount offer.