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An Intriguing Story About Black Hat, DDOS Attacks, The White House, Terrorists And The CIA

(not the latest novel of John Grisham)

Later that night Mr Blue Hat SEO decided to piss off the stupid kids of the syndk8 crew…

Fuck it, he thought. Not like any real spammer will give a shit about this post anyways, the guys who can crack a captcha read my blog as pure entertainmet. That’s if they are not busy hacking some government or edu site, lol. Anyways, I’ll be a drama queen about it, and post the info. This might even turn out as a nice linkbait and have some fun in the process.

Read the whole story as it develops.

Create Your Own Amy Winehouse

(Most) SEOs are leeches. We identify phrases with popularity and then push content to the top of the search engine listings for these phrases.

Some people build their own buzz and create search volume for phrases that didn’t have any before.

Knowing how to generate both visibility and popularity for relatively unknown phrases can take you from being an SEO leech to becoming a marketing genious.

If the clock went back one time and you were hired by an underground record label to promote Amy Winehouse online. What would you do?