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Gossip Boys (Or SEO Attention Whores)

Go read this awesome post from your friendly neighbour Mad Hat

There seems to be more intelligent conversation on Perez Hilton sometimes. What’s the point of that response? It doesn’t add to the conversation in any way. Rand, why is it pure hypocrisy? Why is it attention baiting? It’s like grade school. You’re a sissy, na na na na. Blogs and communities are supposed exist to encourage intelligent conversation and not “fuck you eat shit and die”. Enough already.

Let’s Beat Up Dreamhost – AAAH!!! (read: William Wallace Battle Scream)

Doesn’t matter if as soon as possible (within the hour) there was a message in users’ control panels letting everyone know what happened. Doesn’t matter that they admitted their mistake, communicated promptly and solved the crisis timely. Nor the fact that they promised to refund incorrect charges made to members.

They got beaten up.

Shit happens. None of us are perfect. They said they were wrong, they said “Sorry” and they fixed it quickly. And people are still mad at them. For being a bit funny about it in the blog and in the newsletter. For thinking that it was possible to have some fun and laugh at themselves for a minute (it was actually a good post.)

Am I the only one that feels this way? Maybe some people should lighten up?