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Forget About Paid Links: Comment Spamming Kicks Butt

Comment Spamming

At the time of writing this post, this freelance website design blog enjoys the following rankings in Google:

  • #59 for the term “Website Design”
  • #6 for the term “Freelance Website Design”

in Yahoo:

  • #5 for the term “Freelance Website Design”

in Live:

  • #2 for the term “Freelance Website Design”

How did this site achieve these rankings? By comment spamming relevant blogs leaving interesting comments on relevant blogs.

That’s what he says. Is it true? I checked his backlinks and it seems to be true.

I thought Google didn’t follow nofollow links :) Maybe they are too busy policing paid links.

So what do you do now? Easy. Get this piece of software that finds relevant blogs to your topic with high PR, it will make life a lot easier for you. Then hire someone cheap to leave a few comments a day. Wait a couple of months and enjoy your new rankings.

White-Hat SEOs Are Worthless, Shady Criminals

White Hat SEO Scammers
Shari Thurow wrote a post accusing me (a Black Hat SEO) of being a worhtless shady criminal. Will I defend myself? Nope.

I will just link to a post that describes why I think White Hat SEO Consultants Are Worthless Shady Criminals Themselves.